Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Get a haircut and get a real job.

Yesterday, I had my hair cut for the first time in years. I liked having it long, and I was scared to trust it to anyone new, but I was also starting to feel like maybe my hair was a factor in me not getting the jobs I was interviewing for--maybe potential employers were inferring that I was one of those pot-smoking ne'er-do-wells or something.

Naturally, after deciding to get it cut, rather than doing research and making an informed decision about where to go, I decided to just go any old place, so long as it didn't look too expensive. I walked to a shop that obviously caters to the Spanish-speaking population in my area.

At one point the woman who was about to cut my hair asked me, "Do you want letters?" "What?!" I said. "Small letters in your hair?" I was just about to run screaming, but then I decided she was actually saying "lattice." This, I understood perfectly. "Uhm." I said. "A little?"

I didn't really know exactly what I wanted, except for it to be shorter, and I probably wouldn't have been able to communicate what I wanted to her that well regardless, so I sort of just let her do her thing. I thought about telling her not to do anything too "boyish" with it, but I was, as usual, too much of a wuss to try to communicate this sentiment.

It's a pretty drastic change and is shorter than I went in wanting. My first horrifying thought was that it looks sort of like a Sawyer-on-Lost haircut (:why:!!!) but it's not that bad, nor quite so boyish. Now that I've had a bit of time to adjust, I kind of like it, and anyway, it'll grow out again.

Today, I had a job interview. It's hard for me to say how it went. I felt a bit iffy when I walked out, like I stumbled over a few of my answers, and didn't give the best responses to those kinds of dumb, generic job interview questions like "What's the one quality that's most important to you in a co-worker?" ("Ummm...hardworking? Hardworking is good, right? Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with hardworking on this one. Next question!") But I've learned that how I feel about something isn't necessarily the best gauge of how it went. This dates back to college, when frequently the papers I felt the least confident about would be the ones on which I got the highest marks. In this case, who knows? Things I make a big deal of in my head may not have been a big deal to them. On the whole, I think it went fine. Now it's just a matter of waiting to hear back from them. I'm also sending a thank-you letter in the mail tomorrow, since that seems to be customary these days if you want a job.

Wish me luck!


jervo said...

1. "Darlin' dontcha go and cut your hair / do you think it's gonna make him change / I'm just a boy with a new haircut / and it's a pretty nice haircut"

2. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

When I was 19 years-old I had my Mother cut my hair up and off my back and into short spikes. I trusted her to do it. I proceeded to wear this bleached, spiky hair-do right up until I graduated from my local community college one year ago. (8 years with the same hair cut. That's a long time.) My sister has insisted, for years, that I all ready scream "lesbian" and it is not necessary for me to have a hair cut which affirms this fact. So, after graduation I told myself I'd let my hair grow out... and I have. The only problem is that it doesn't feel like me.

Last Wednesday I went and did the same thing you did before your interview for my interview - I got my hair cut. And while it hurt me to say it, through gritted teeth I managed a "I'd like it to look really feminine." Indeed, this is what I now have. I went from being able to wash my hair and go to washing my hair, styling and blow drying it and putting any number of products in it just to hold it in place. My new hair reeks of "not me." But I feel the same way you do. I don't want my hair to be a reason I cannot or will not get a job.

I did finally get a job yesterday! Who knows whether or not this had anything to do with my ultra-feminine hair cut? (I feel like I should go into hiding so that men everywhere don't start picturing a three-some between my girlfriend, myself, and the aforementioned party.) So, maybe this is a good sign for you as well? You deserve better than espresso! It seems we have been in the same boat for a long time. So, good luck.