Monday, April 07, 2008

Blogistical Stuff

Mad props to my good friend Aaron--you can follow his adventures and, most importantly, see pictures and videos of his adorable son Ezra, at Two Body Problem--for turning me on to a few nifty new doodads available to blogspot users. My new blogroll now updates when the blogs I read and recommend are updated! Neat-o! And you can now subscribe to this blog using the subscription whatchamacallit located right underneath my Xbox 360 gamercard! Enjoy!

(If you're a blogspot user who's interested in these or other Not Ready for Primetime features, check out


jervo said...

This is super-awesome. I've got everybody's blog in my RSS feeder already, but this is even better for people not in the know. Thanks for pointing this out!

Adam said...

Go ahead and get me excited for no reason, why don't you. It looks like most of the Draft features do not work with a Blogger Classic template.

Oh well. It has been too long. I should have gone about re-creating the appearance my heavily personalized template as a Blogger Layout long ago anyway.