Monday, February 25, 2008

The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

The week before last, I had a job interview for a technical writing position. The interview went swimmingly, and they called me in a few days later for a second interview, which also went quite well. I felt really comfortable with the people I met at the company, and although I've never had a burning passion to do technical writing or anything, it sure sounded like a nice change of pace after all the customer service work I've done for the past few years.

Over the course of last week, the job was just about all I could think about. (Well, that and how tired I am of being a boy, but that's such a constant that it hardly even seems worth mentioning.) I tried not to obsess about it, but in my mind I kept envisioning being offered the job, and not being offered the job. I think my brain deliberately tries to imagine possible disappointing outcomes for all sorts of situations as a defense mechanism, so that I'm more prepared for those outcomes if they come to pass, but I don't think this actually works, and I try not to do it. It's hard to stop, though. My brain has a mind of its own.

At the second interview, they'd told me that I'd find out on the following Friday if I got the job or not. This made for a very long week. I distracted myself some with reading, and watching a bit of The Wire, and playing some Burnout Paradise, but still, long week.

True to their word, on Friday, I got the call. "This was a really hard decision, you were a really strong candidate, but..." Indeed, despite my brain's attempts to prepare me for this possibility, I was pretty crushed.

But at the same time, at least the wait was over. And since then, I've found myself pouring my energy back into the job search with gusto. Many a resume and cover letter have been emailed. Of course, this is good, as I really need a job now. Things are starting to get a bit scary. I'm still hoping to find something that seems like an exciting opportunity, a nice change of pace, and some of the jobs I've applied for this weekend have fit that bill, but certainly not all of them. If need be, I can always take something along the lines of what I've been doing for the past few years and keep looking. Right now, I'm mostly just hoping to get something fast.

In other news, I wrote up a review of the NES game Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom, which hit the Wii's Virtual Console service last week. (Yes, my Virtual Console games are working again. Turns out the problem with my Wii was that I am an idiot.) I actually posted the review as a reader review at GameSpot. You can find it here. Here's the short version: Only five continues?! Are you fucking kidding me?! I plan to still write reviews of games from time to time, but I don't really know what to do with them. I may post them at GS and link to them in a blog post, as I'm doing here, but if you have any thoughts on what I should do with them, lemme know!

Finally, some good friends took me out on Saturday to see U23D. I'm a pretty big U2 fan, and although I don't think it's one of their best filmed performances--not like the ZOO TV concert from Sydney or the Elevation DVD from Boston--and although the novelty of having Bono get all up in my grill through the magic of 3D didn't really add much to the overall experience--I still really enjoyed seeing a U2 concert on the big screen. I sort of needed the soaring anthemic reassurance and passionate sense of determination only U2 can provide after Friday's disappointment.

I, I will begin again.


Corey Chaplan said...

Well that sucks. I hate when prospective employers string you along, only to not end up hiring you in the end.

I'm in the same boat right now. No job, and struggling to find one. Being in school during most of the day doesn't help me much either.

Aaron said...

Dang, that's lame.

I think you should mold your game reviews into your own game-reviewing media empire! Anyway, that's my vote. At least you could write off your gamefly subscription.

Sara said...

Ack! How incredibly frustrating. And that is completely their loss. Hang in there, job hunting can be incredibly disheartening... said...

I know how it feels. I'm just an unemployed guy trying to get his feet wet in the video games industry yet it sucks when I write all these cover letters and applications, and yet I don't even receive a courtesy rejection call.

Hopefully your luck will turn around. Good luck with the job hunt.

Anonymous said...

Whoa - that just happened to me this past week. I was interviewed for a writing position at a newspaper, shown the desk I would be sitting at, introduced to the people I would be working with and then... they called on Wednesday and said, "I'm sorry to tell you that we have decided to go with another applicant." What?!? Oh well. I'm hoping its for the best. I now have a chance to apply for a job I'd be much happier to have.